Sleep Rescue


This remedy is not your usual “take it before you go to bed” type.

Because of the energies in this remedy, the 40 Bach Energies, the remedy works best if you take it all day, in your drinking water, tea, coffee.

Bach Flower Remedies, bach flower therapy, list of all the essencesSummary: New Healing Modality, the turning of subtle energies of plants into downloadable, infusable energies is a new modality. The 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth, the 40 Bach Energies don’t interfere with each other, unlike their original, the Bach Flower Remedies, where if you included more than 8 remedies in a mix, your results started to diminish.

The 40 energies in this remedy are the following:


Fake cheerfulness

This essence brings about emotional honesty with the self. By acknowledging and transforming deeply rooted emotional pain, one working with agrimony can come to radiate peace as a reality — not just a mask of polite good cheer.


Vague anxiety

This essence relieves fear or anxiety about the unknown. It is especially effective for highly intuitive individuals and helps them integrate messages from the spiritual world. Thus, the individual becomes consciously empowered to act with great inner knowledge and perceptive awareness — a positive step for us all.



This essence deals with relationships with others, specifically acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections. This can be helpful for individuals who have grown up with criticism and high expectation. Outwardly judgmental attitudes of intolerance reflect hypersensitivity to personal, social, and physical environments. Beech essence helps people learn to cope with their underlying sensitivity and encourages tolerance, so that one may see the good within each person.


Over-anxious to serve

This essence is all about establishing boundaries. Centaury helps one strengthen and radiate an inner sense of self so that he or she knows when to give and when enough is enough. Givers and nurturers can end up feeling depleted and resentful when they rely on pleasing others to receive self-validation. Centaury gives strength and integrity to such personalities, helping them to assume greater self-awareness, self-responsibility, and the inner strength to say “no” when appropriate.



This essence encourages self-exploration to establish highly attuned intuition and self-knowing. While seeking advice from others can be very useful, ultimately, each person is responsible for his or her decisions and the direction of a life path. This process requires that others have less influence, prompting the soul to develop independent judgment and a stronger sense of inner spirituality. Attuned confidence is beautiful and positive, when informed with love, justice and inner peace.

CherryPlumCherry Plum


Cherry plum is a sweet essence that enables the individual to receive guidance and protection, despite extreme stress or hardship. Cherry plum is indicated to help the individual reconnect with the higher self, surrender to one’s source, and feel divinely supported and protected.

ChestnutBudChestnut Bud


This essence helps individuals break free of habitually repeated mistakes and troublesome patterns. Chestnut bud essence helps the individual cultivate karmic understanding. By grasping more quickly and more completely the essential nature of the experience at hand, the soul gathers wisdom and insight.


Demanding love

Chicory is a very important remedy for misdirected love forces. It promotes selfless love that is given freely and nourishes one’s inner neediness — helping to defuse inappropriate and manipulative behaviors that are disguised as love. Chicory essence promotes understanding of others’ needs, and helps reset and redirect heart energy.


Living in the clouds

Clematis brings alert, directed, and vibrant consciousness to those who have a tendency towards overly dreamy thinking and an underlying avoidance of the here and now. By promoting clear emotional and physical presence, this essence helps one “show up” to share his or her gifts with the world.

CrabAppleCrab Apple

Compulsive cleanliness

Crab Apple essence helps cleanse, restore, and bring about inner purity. It is indicated to help balance obsessive compulsive tendencies towards cleanliness, and it can also be used in a general way for any activity of purification, such as fasting. This flower essence instills a balanced soul perspective to the body and to life on Earth.


Lack of self-worth

Elm essence helps transform feelings of self doubt and being overwhelmed into joyous service, and it gives one the confidence to accomplish the tasks at hand. Elm helps one tap into inspiration and motivation from the higher self, others, and the spiritual world. Imagine the possibilities for happiness and completeness when doing things for others, after nagging stresses are removed!



This essence encourages one to persevere, remain confident, and have the faith to continue despite apparent setbacks, doubts, or perception of failure. Gentian essence helps those discouraged and disheartened individuals shift perspective to see life’s silver linings. This flower essence helps the soul to acquire great inner fortitude and unwavering trust in the outcome of life events.


Giving up easily

Gorse helps transform internalized pessimism into hope and light-filled optimism. This essence helps the pessimistic soul cultivate hope and trust to bring about a positive outcome for future life events. This quality of hope deeply affects physical as well as emotional healing with strong forces of inner light and luminous insight.


Needy child

This essence promotes inner peace and emotional self-sufficiency by reversing patterns of excessive self-concern and self-pity. It helps the individual feel self-fulfilled rather than self-absorbed. Feelings and energy that are overly directed inward can start to shift and balance out so that more energy can be shared with others. Perfect!


Hard hearted

This essence helps transform jealousy, separation, and suspicion into heartfelt compassion, connection, and the ability to express gratitude and love. Holly essence nourishes the heart and restores the soul’s ability to feel unity and wholeness.


Living in memories

Honeysuckle helps promote acceptance of one’s current life conditions and updates the soul’s need to revisit past events, places, and relationships. Honeysuckle essence is indicated for those who resist change and cling nostalgically to a past that seems to have been more appealing. It helps one learn from previous life experiences by seeing clearly their meaning and message, thus allowing one to grow and experience the now with intention and purpose.


Listless, restless, tired

The Vitality Flower: from listlessness to mental freshness to now



As the name implies, this essence helps one cultivate the patience to flow harmoniously with time and embrace the pace of others. Impatiens essence supports immersion into slower, more subtle exchanges with the world and others. Through the impatiens essence, one can deepen awareness so that the inner self becomes more receptive to the unfolding moment.


No self confidence

This essence promotes positive self-expression, self-confidence, and creative spontaneity. When one feels empowered to speak his or her truth, take risks, and live outside the box, the soul can really start to grow and evolve. This essence can be indicated for physical affliction of the throat as well as other speaking impediments. Larch flower essence frees creative potential and transforms self-limiting closed communication to a self-transcending speech and behavior.



This essence transforms apprehension and fear into courage and confidence to face life’s challenges. Mimulus is indicated for hypersensitivity to the fears of everyday events and threshold experiences. Mimulus brings light, courage, and joy back to the individual and helps one connect with strength and purpose of the higher self.



Mustard encourages a balanced perspective on life’s emotional ups and downs. Mustard essence addresses the darkness and depression that often exist deep within the subconscious memory. Rather than believing the darkness to be separate and upsetting, one can roll with the darkness and transform it into light.



Oak flower essence invites surrender, acceptance of limitations, and flexibility to those individuals who are naturally strong-willed and often bite off more than they can chew. While such persons are capable of enormous achievement, this very strength can make them rigid. This essence invites the softness and the flexibility to balance the masculine and feminine attributes of the type A personality.


Physically tired

This essence helps cultivate the conditions for deep rest and renewal due to exhaustion or overexertion of the physical body. Those needing this essence tend to identify with their physical body or the physical dimension. Often Olive essence triggers renewal and restoration of the physical body through its meta-physical influence. This is often the first essence with which people choose to work.



This is a dynamic freedom essence which enables one to move forward despite past mistakes. It is a builder of self-confidence, self-acceptance, and inner-knowing. Pine helps people release disproportionate guilt, self-blame, and physical and energetic blockages due to excessive self-criticism. Pine helps the individual find forgiveness and peace with the past and all the many layers of the self as to create the future with flare.

RedChestnutRed Chestnut


Red Chestnut is a love essence. It helps parents, couples, and children appease worry and concern due to caring (and worrying) exceedingly. Red Chestnut essence helps the individual establish trust, love, and knowledge of the self. This essence’s calm, vital energy helps one establish personal groundedness and clarity so as to love unconditionally.

RockRoseRock Rose


Rock Rose essence is rightfully one of the five in Bach’s Rescue Remedy as it imparts courage and self-contained balance. The fight-or-flight response is met with present sun-like forces to meet the situation at hand with self-transcending strength.

RockWaterRock Water


The essence of rock water is actually more mineral than plant. One of Edward Bach’s original English remedies, it is made from underground spring water. It helps develop inner flexibility, spontaneity, and receptiveness. Those who have extremely rigid attitudes, philosophical ideals, or life patterns can re-establish connection to soul feelings, which ebb and flow. This essence exudes flowing qualities and is often one of the first essences people use, as it can attune sensitivity to plant life.


Inner conflict

This essence helps one be decisive, make choices, and proactively create one’s wholeness and define who one is. Scleranthus flower essence guides one towards greater decisiveness and clarity of purpose, and involvement of life.

StarofBethlehemStar of Bethlehem


This flower essence is also one of the five in Edward Bach’s Rescue Remedy. Star of Bethlehem is deeply restorative and helps soothe tension and shock. This essence unifies one with the deepest parts of the self in acute moments of trauma — past, present or future. This essence seeks to attune the self with divine light and guidance.

SweetChestnutSweet Chestnut


Sweet Chestnut essence is the barer of great spiritual transformation and sustained change that accompanies acute traumatic events. This essence helps guide one down life’s bumpiest roads. Through intense suffering, one can receive gifts of love, forgiveness and surrender the self. Sweet Chestnut helps the soul surrender and open to a new spiritual identity.


Forceful, Overbearing

Vervain essence supports those individuals born to inspire, lead, and heal others. It helps one find physical and spiritual groundedness, establish appropriate boundaries, and release any extraneous energy and chords. Vervain essence supports the balance between charismatic, productive, idealistic, and healthy life perspectives, with connection to divine harmony.



Vine essence connects one to his or her inner truth and divine source. These individuals can be extremely generous, powerful, and willful. This essence helps one learn how to lead by example, finding inner devotion and true humility.



Walnut flower essence supports important transitions and life transformations by encouraging self-directed certainty to follow one’s own path and destiny. Usually this essence is chosen when one familiar door is closing to make way for a new, priceless door that is opening. It strengthens one’s resolve to follow through with courage in the face of opponents or past habits.

WaterVioletWater Violet


Water Violet helps people transition towards a more inclusive state of consciousness, social connection, and full range of self-expression. This essence helps inward, refined, and dignified individuals start to open and evolve to share compassion and joyful connections with all of humanity.

WhiteChestnutWhite Chestnut

Mental merry-go-round

White Chestnut essence calms the mind, quiets mental chatter, and promotes a tranquil disposition and spacious mental state, which transcends worry-bound repetitive thoughts. This can be extremely helpful when insomnia and headaches are triggered by “over-thinking.” This essence helps circulate excess mental energy downward, to be processed in the emotional centers of the heart and the solar plexus.

WildOatWild Oat

Seeking but not finding

This essence supports the manifestation of a career path that truly aligns with one’s inner calling, true goals, and values. The health and vitality of the body and spirit will benefit greatly from the process of creating work that clearly expresses one’s life purpose and conviction. Ultimately, the essence supports one’s professional quest towards fulfillment and accomplishment.

WildRoseWild Rose


This essence supports joy and flowing commitment to life, motivation, and interest in the world and in others. Wild rose strengthens vitality and supports restorative physical and emotional embodiment, so that one may fully experience life’s precious gifts.



Willow essence promotes flexibility, forgiveness, and acceptance of one’s personal responsibilities. This essence help people let go of negative attachment to life’s challenges and problems and move on with grace, learning to go with the flow of life.

peacock-monkshoodPeacock Monkshood

Soul Pain

The energy of soul pain, conscience, integrity. Goes from gentle nudging to serious pain, if you don’t listen and start mending your ways.



Wanting what belongs to another, especially control, power, domination, looking good/better, being right. Toxic.

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