Effortless Abundance Remedy

How To Live An Effortless Abundance Right Now?

Discover The Missing Pieces To Creating Abundance That Lasts And Lasts

Abundance, a sense of abundance, the being of abundance is exactly the opposite of what people teach you to be if you want abundance.

The first order of business is to disabuse you, energetically, from following myths that keep you bunched up, tense, and prevent you from experiencing abundance, and from taking effective actions. One myth as such is the one that says: the more you desire what you want the more chance you have to have it.

This kind of unlearning is only possible on the energetic level, given that you are trapped on the energetic level. All the modalities that try to change your beliefs have failed… because it is not a belief.

So what you need is an effective energetic intervention. Energetic interventions are done over time. There is no such a thing as instant healing, instant transformation… you become the way you are over time, and therefore only things that move you in the direction you need to move will actually work.

The energy remedy that I am offering here is quite complicated, has 168 different components, and with time I may add to it to make it work even better. But for now, these 168 energies seem to do all there is to do to return you, gently and over time into the state of abundance, where you have peace of mind, and power to act.

Now, while the energies work whether you participate or not, on their own, without your participation, they can only go so far. Why? It is because of a little-known, largely ignored spiritual law: that you need to cause and earn your transformation, your growth, your gain, otherwise it will go away. Bummer, eh?

But participation is not as complicated and not as time-consuming as you think: in fact in this program you need about 15 minutes of it a week.

It comes in the form of a guided meditation. It is a meditation where we allow and work with the 168 energies of the Effective Abundance Activator to do their work, but this time we are working with them… you’ll see, it is quite enjoyable.

How many guided meditation sessions we’ll have? I don’t know. I can’t even guess. I will create a new one every time I see that there is a mistaken belief, an error in your thinking, that needs to be corrected.

Buy the bottles from us, or use our Effortless Abundance Activator audio to infuse the energies into your own water… and drink it for Effortless Abundance.

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