5 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

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1.Use Herbal Supplements like Chamomile and Vetiver Essential Oil and Pills

There are many herbal supplements that have been proven to help calm the mind and help drift off to sleep. Chamomile tea can be found in the supermarket aisles or you can always add a little bit of doTERRA vetiver oil to a cup of tea before bed. This will help you ease into a more restful sleep and keep you sleeping for longer. Mint tea can also bring about similar effects. Ask advice from a doctor before starting.

2.Make and Stick to a Sleeping Routine

Try to make a routine that will help you drift off to sleep every night and stick to it. Plan to drink a cup of tea an hour before bed or take a bath and then stick to the bedtime you have set. This will get your body used to sleeping on time and getting up well rested.

3.Keep your Bedroom Dark and Cool

Keeping your bedroom around the high 60s will help you get more sleep and make sure that any bits of light that can disrupt your sleep are eliminated. Get heavy drapes if you live in a part of town where there is always light coming in off the street.

4.Try Breathing Exercises

Taking deep breaths rhythmically signals to your body that you are trying to relax your mind and body and will prepare it for bed.

5.Keep Away from Technology Before Bed

Not only does the constant need to check your email and social network updates through the night keep you up, the light and sound that the phone or tablet makes will keep your body and mind awake as it will not be ready to relax and go to bed. Avoid looking at any screens or listening to music that is not calming a few hours before bed. You may want to have an actual alarm clock instead of setting an alarm on your phone to make sure that you keep away from the phone through the night.

With these tips, insomniacs should be able to find some relief in their predicament. Do not get disheartened if these do not work on the first few days. As your body gets used to the schedule and your signals that is should go to bed, it should start reacting favorably.

Try these tips and surely you will have healthy life. Use vetiver essential oil as it is pure and good for health.

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